Re: Client card does not work with hostap

From: Jacques Caron (
Date: 2002-09-16 18:02:31 UTC

I think the question was more like "why does it work with PRISM-based cards and not others?". And the answer is, of course, because the other don't provide support for host AP mode in the firmware...


At 17:42 16/09/2002, Jouni Malinen wrote:
>On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 12:21:25PM +0900, ■ wrote:
> > I test the hostap with some kinds of client card... as I know, hostap
> just work with prism chip set...
> > So, why It does not work other kinds of chipset ? and how it work with
> other chipset ?
> > are there any list of supported chipset or card can communication with
> hostap ?
> >
> > I run hostap with prism 2.5 card .. ofcourse it work find...
>Just to make sure I understood everything.. Are you using Host AP driver
>only in the AP and is the AP the same host in the tests with other
>client cards?
>Host AP mode works only with Prism2 cards and Intersil firmware.
>However, the clients associating to an AP using Host AP mode should not
>have this kind of limitations. I have tested this with stations using
>various Lucent, Nokia, Cisco, and Symbol cards and I haven't seen this
>kind of problems.
> > but, when I run client with samsung SWL-2100P, 3com 3CRWE73796B these
> kinds of card
> > does not detect hostap. Could you tell me any comment ?
>Which version of the Host AP driver? Which version of the Prism2.5 card
>station firmware? What driver are you using with the clients? Does the
>kernel log on the Host AP host show any problems (i.e., output of
>'dmesg') when these clients are trying to associate? Does the AP work
>with some client cards (e.g., Prism2 cards in client mode)?
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