LinkSys WPC11: socket timed out during reset (only 1.4.9)

From: Marcel van der Boom (
Date: 2002-09-16 18:27:38 UTC

I have two linksys wpc11 cards and took the plunge in flashing one with 1.4.9 firmware. The other card has 1.4.2 firmware which is known not to work.

Both cards are identified in win XP and the config utility shows the expected results

Debian linux (2.4.18 / 3.1.33)
card with 1.4.2 identifies tries, loads hostap_cs and gives errors, but at least it beeps.

card with 1.4.9 give only:
socket 0 timed out during reset

I tried both 2002-09-12 release and CVS snapshot. Tried various options for pcmcia_core and pcic buth no improvements.

Any ideas?

Even with the 1.4.2 should hostap start up in master mode? (with the warning)

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