Re: LinkSys WPC11: socket timed out during reset (only 1.4.9)

From: Marcel van der Boom (
Date: 2002-09-17 21:25:22 UTC

I took another notebook and it worked out of the box, so it must be the hardware in the other box. Hmmm...

I fiddled with most of the pcmcia options but with no result.

What does it actually mean that socket 0 times out?

I am certain the cards are good, I tested it with the other notebook and walked out the door 50 meters showing off to the neighbours ;-)

I recompiled pcmcia-cs with debugging on, shows me basically the same info.

Any other insights?


Marcel van der Boom said the following on 16-09-2002 20:27:
> I have two linksys wpc11 cards and took the plunge in flashing one with
> 1.4.9 firmware. The other card has 1.4.2 firmware which is known not to
> work.
> Results:
> Both cards are identified in win XP and the config utility shows the
> expected results
> Debian linux (2.4.18 / 3.1.33)
> card with 1.4.2 identifies tries, loads hostap_cs and gives errors, but
> at least it beeps.
> card with 1.4.9 give only:
> socket 0 timed out during reset
> I tried both 2002-09-12 release and CVS snapshot. Tried various options
> for pcmcia_core and pcic buth no improvements.
> Any ideas?
> PS
> Even with the 1.4.2 should hostap start up in master mode? (with the
> warning)

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