Power Save

From: gARetH baBB (hick_at_gink.org)
Date: 2002-09-16 17:41:42 UTC

Kernel 2.2.21, PCMCIA 3.2.1, HostAP 02-09-12, ZoomAir 4105 1.4.9.

I'm seeing a weird effect when enabling Power Save on my ZoomAir 4100 1.4.9 Windows client, for some reason transmitted HostAP packets are getting delayed until a packet is received from the Windows client.

This makes SSH/telnet interesting, typically the output of a command won't appear until I press another key (thus causing a transmit from the client) - some output will appear, but presumably this is "full" MTU packets.

Turning Power Save off solves the problem.

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