Re: Client card does not work with hostap

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-09-16 15:42:55 UTC

On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 12:21:25PM +0900, ■ wrote:

> I test the hostap with some kinds of client card... as I know, hostap just work with prism chip set...
> So, why It does not work other kinds of chipset ? and how it work with other chipset ?
> are there any list of supported chipset or card can communication with hostap ?
> I run hostap with prism 2.5 card .. ofcourse it work find...

Just to make sure I understood everything.. Are you using Host AP driver only in the AP and is the AP the same host in the tests with other client cards?

Host AP mode works only with Prism2 cards and Intersil firmware. However, the clients associating to an AP using Host AP mode should not have this kind of limitations. I have tested this with stations using various Lucent, Nokia, Cisco, and Symbol cards and I haven't seen this kind of problems.

> but, when I run client with samsung SWL-2100P, 3com 3CRWE73796B these kinds of card
> does not detect hostap. Could you tell me any comment ?

Which version of the Host AP driver? Which version of the Prism2.5 card station firmware? What driver are you using with the clients? Does the kernel log on the Host AP host show any problems (i.e., output of 'dmesg') when these clients are trying to associate? Does the AP work with some client cards (e.g., Prism2 cards in client mode)?

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