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From: Keith Mitchell (
Date: 2002-08-23 21:03:33 UTC


/> I have a D-Link DWL-520 happily plugging away in AP Master mode on my
/> box, with another Linux box connecting as a client to the master using a/
/> DWL-520. I can ping happily across this wireless link, as well as/
/> connections "behind" the wireless links./
/> I tried adding a DWL-900AP+ to the network as a wireless access
device for/
/> a TiVo / Turbonet combo. However, when the DWL-900AP+ is in "AP Client/
/> Mode", I can ping the LAN address of the DWL-900AP+ from the Linux AP/
/> Master, however, I cannot ping the IP of the device that is attached
to the/
/> LAN interface of the DWL-900AP+. If I put the 900 in "AP Bridge
Mode", it/
/> breaks after 17 miscellaneous packets are received by the DWL-520 /
Linux //
/> HostAP host./

In AP client mode the 900AP is a glorified wireless station -- not really worth the money.

So what exactly are you trying to do with the 900AP? I'm confused. What is it acting as a wireless station for in AP Client Mode? What was it purpose when you set it up as an Access Point in AP Bridge Mode?


Now that I have a good mailer, let's see if this message comes through correctly...

What I am trying to do with the 900AP is essentially give Wireless networking to a device that only has room for a wired Ethernet connection. I want the 900AP to act as an 802.2 => 802.11b protocol converter. It's connecting a remote device with a hardwired ethernet connection into my wireless network... Unfortuneatly it seems that the only way this will work is to use it to bridge between 2 900AP+'s, or do a packet-capture of the bridge-mode negotiation-packets, and have Jouni (with all his spare time) write an exception into the hostAP code to complete the bridge.

What may be easier is the Linksys WET11, which I am going to try. If it fails, back to the drawing board...


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