From: Jason Boxman (
Date: 2002-08-22 07:54:07 UTC

On Wednesday 21 August 2002 07:08 pm, Keith Mitchell wrote:
> I have a similar but different problem with the DWL-900AP+. I've read in
> other lists that the 900 just doesn't bridge too well.

I jury rigged three 900AP classics together such that two are in PtP mode and another is in AP mode. It got me 'Enterprise' level wireless repeater mode for slightly less money. (I had a spare 900.) It seems to handle bridging just fine, from one 900AP to the other, and from my firewall's NIC to the third AP. That said, the 1000AP was horrible and these 900APs aren't anything to write home about. In the future I'll probably try a different vendor.

> I have a D-Link DWL-520 happily plugging away in AP Master mode on my Linux
> box, with another Linux box connecting as a client to the master using a
> DWL-520. I can ping happily across this wireless link, as well as
> connections "behind" the wireless links.
> I tried adding a DWL-900AP+ to the network as a wireless access device for
> a TiVo / Turbonet combo. However, when the DWL-900AP+ is in "AP Client
> Mode", I can ping the LAN address of the DWL-900AP+ from the Linux AP
> Master, however, I cannot ping the IP of the device that is attached to the
> LAN interface of the DWL-900AP+. If I put the 900 in "AP Bridge Mode", it
> breaks after 17 miscellaneous packets are received by the DWL-520 / Linux /
> HostAP host.

In AP client mode the 900AP is a glorified wireless station -- not really worth the money.

So what exactly are you trying to do with the 900AP? I'm confused. What is it acting as a wireless station for in AP Client Mode? What was it purpose when you set it up as an Access Point in AP Bridge Mode?

> I've wracked my brain to solve this problem without success, and have
> simply concluded that the D-Link DWL-900AP+ sucks.

That may be true.

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