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Date: 2002-08-26 06:20:07 UTC

On Friday 23 August 2002 05:03 pm, Keith Mitchell wrote:
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> Now that I have a good mailer, let's see if this message comes through
> correctly...

Mailer fun. =)

> What I am trying to do with the 900AP is essentially give Wireless
> networking to a device that only has room for a wired Ethernet
> connection. I want the 900AP to act as an 802.2 => 802.11b protocol
> converter. It's connecting a remote device with a hardwired ethernet
> connection into my wireless network... Unfortuneatly it seems that the
> only way this will work is to use it to bridge between 2 900AP+'s, or do
> a packet-capture of the bridge-mode negotiation-packets, and have Jouni
> (with all his spare time) write an exception into the hostAP code to
> complete the bridge.

Ah, that makes sense. I'd never thought about boxes and equipment that can't take a PCI or PC Card. Then as someone else said, you'd need to do a packet capture and provide Jouni with the needed frames. The only other option is to buy another DWL900 or a (really junky) DWL1000 and try to place that within the existing network. Having HostAP understand and talk to D-Link's products via their InterAP communications would be very cool.

If you'd like some help getting those frames, I have three DWL900APs here, two in PtP mode, and a PCI Prism2 card I can use for capturing (and a base station for making traffic happen). (And the next article I wanted to write just happens to be about frame capturing with a Prism2 card...)

> What may be easier is the Linksys WET11, which I am going to try. If it
> fails, back to the drawing board...


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