RE: 802.1x Problems

From: Manjunathan PY (
Date: 2002-10-10 05:04:41 UTC

>> 2. Unicast packets. 802.1x supplicant will be authenticated to radius
server via AP. if success, supplicant will
>>get one WEP key. At the same time, Radius server will send one same WEP
key copy to AP. So if there are many 802.1x
>>supplicants, AP will keep every supplicant WEP key for encryption and
decryption. HostAP will do it easily because it use >>host encryption and can receive and transmit mulitple keys.

>>Authentication server (usually RADIUS server) does not generate or send
>>WEP keys. It sends a key pair both to station and AP. After this, AP
>>generates the WEP keys and delivers the needed keys to the station
>>encrypted with the keys from authentication server. Other than this
>>detail, you description is correct.

What exactly you mean by "It sends a key pair both to station and AP" ? What does the Radius server send to station and AP, in what message does it do so?

Manjunathan PY

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