Re: 802.1x Problems

From: Jacques Caron (
Date: 2002-10-10 00:51:37 UTC

Most probably the sales rep doesn't know what key mapping is, and since it's not listed in the feature list, he said no :-) But the spec clearly says WEP key distribution, and that implies key mapping keys (unless they distribute the same key to everybody which would just be plain stupid, of course).

BTW, it's now Proxim :-) No trace of the AP2000 on the Agere web site, only the client cards are there for some reason...


At 02:29 10/10/2002, Lei chuanhua wrote:
>Many firmware versions allow for per-client keys (key mapping keys they're
>called -- this has been part of the 802.11 spec for a long time, even if it
>was not always used or implemented by everybody), though the way to do that
>may not be documented (for the general public at least). Even Intersil has
>a RID to set those keys (FC29 iirc), it's just not clear whether that works
>in all cases or only if tertiary (ap) firmware is present, or how it works
>(the format of the data to provide).
> In fact, agere(previously orinoco) wireless cards don't support
> keymapping, but its AP 2000 and other series of wireless products indeed
> support 802.1x. Does anyone know how it implemented 802.1x in principle?
> I just need some lights from conception of orinoco AP. I suspect orinoco
> AP firmware supports keymapping, but I ask their sales representative who
> told me that they don't support keymapping. So I am confused.....
> Thanks very much
> hualab

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