link becomes very poor in hostapd mode

From: Jharana Mehta (
Date: 2002-10-10 04:45:37 UTC

I am using Linksys WPC11 cards for my hostap setup. The driver works really well in pure kernel mode, and even bridging and all works fine. but when i compile and start the driver in hostapd mode, i.e by doing make pccard EXTRACFLAGS etc. and compiling and starting the hostapd without 802.1x authentication, the link quality becomes really poor and ping requests return after as long as 7 secs! what could be the workaround for this? I have kept all default settings only.
Also, when i compiled the driver for PCI adapter, i.e hostap_plx, the link remains up for only a very short time, after which the iwconfig shows transmit power to be 0 db.


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