Host AP mailing list

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-10-04 19:14:03 UTC

I have considered moving the Host AP mailing list somewhere else to make it easier for me to take care of. It would be even better if someone else could take care of list management, so that I could use the time freed from this with something more productive, i.e., driver development. So, if you happen to be willing to host this list somewhere and take care of managing it (some questions from subscribers every now and then, etc.), please let me know by email to

Taking into account the number of virus and spam messages sent to the mailing list address, I would prefer a mailing list server that scans messages for viruses/spam and/or restricts incoming mail only to subscribed address (with someone manually accepting Host AP related messages from unsubscrived addresses). I would also like to have an automated web archive for the mailing list and web interface for list subscription would be a nice addition.

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