Re: Host AP mailing list

From: Ricardo Galli (
Date: 2002-10-05 00:28:00 UTC

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On Friday 04 October 2002 21:14, Jouni Malinen shaped the electrons to shout:
> I have considered moving the Host AP mailing list somewhere else to make
> it easier for me to take care of. It would be even better if someone
> else could take care of list management, so that I could use the time
> freed from this with something more productive, i.e., driver
> development. So, if you happen to be willing to host this list somewhere
> and take care of managing it (some questions from subscribers every
> now and then, etc.), please let me know by email to
> Taking into account the number of virus and spam messages sent to the
> mailing list address, I would prefer a mailing list server that scans
> messages for viruses/spam and/or restricts incoming mail only to
> subscribed address (with someone manually accepting Host AP related
> messages from unsubscrived addresses). I would also like to have an
> automated web archive for the mailing list and web interface for list
> subscription would be a nice addition.


The list restrict mails to subscribers. I will take care of daily (more or less) cleaning and clearing. At least for several months or until the machine dies.

You can change whenever you wants. Also I can give you the administrator password, if you want it.


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