STA 1.4.9 and other_ap_policy

From: Michael Smith (
Date: 2002-10-04 17:31:17 UTC


I'm using Senao NL-2511CD PLUS cards with hostap 2002-09-12. We have a couple cards with firmware PRI/1.0.5 and STA/1.2.0, and setting other_ap_policy to 1 in AP mode works as expected: stat files end up in /proc/hostap/wlan0/other:ap:mac, and autom_ap_wds works.

We got a new batch of Senaos with PRI/1.1.0 and STA/1.4.9, and the AP no longer seems to receive beacons from the other AP. It can associate to the other AP in STA mode so I know it's still able to see the beacons, it's just not doing anything with them in AP mode. Has anyone seen something like this?


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