AW: AW: AW: HOw to set up bridge

From: Tilo Lutz (
Date: 2002-09-18 14:00:38 UTC

>>On Wednesday 18 September 2002 14:55, Tilo Lutz wrote:
>> >> wired_netA-----"Real AP" ~~~~~~~~~ "HostAP"----wired_netB
>> >> I want to set my HostAP as a bridge so I can send data
>> >> directly to wired_netA.

>>Ricardo Galli wrote:
>>> If both, "RealAP" and "HostAP", are bridging you need to do nothing. ARP
>>> does it.

>At 15:11 18/09/2002, Tilo Lutz wrote:
>>But as soon as I switch my HostAP from Managed to Master-mdoe, I cann't
>>connect to the "RealAP" anymore.
>>I'me testing the connect with tcpdump because there are many broadcasts
>>in the netwrok. As soon as I switch to master-mode everything is silent.
>>Is there any way to get bridging working in Managed-mode?
>>That's exactly what I want

> Jacques wrote:
> I don't know the details in this specific case, but it is quite normal
> an AP cannot connect to another AP. Only clients (STAs) can connect to
> or you have to use WDS or other fun stuff like that...

Unfortunatly the wds-stuff works only with HostAPs. If Bridging works in Master-mode is there any way to get it work in Managed-mode?


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