Re: AW: AW: HOw to set up bridge

From: Jacques Caron (
Date: 2002-09-18 13:48:40 UTC

I don't know the details in this specific case, but it is quite normal that an AP cannot connect to another AP. Only clients (STAs) can connect to APs, or you have to use WDS or other fun stuff like that...


At 15:11 18/09/2002, Tilo Lutz wrote:
>On Wednesday 18 September 2002 14:55, Tilo Lutz wrote:
> >> wired_netA-----"Real AP" ~~~~~~~~~ "HostAP"----wired_netB
> >> I want to set my HostAP as a bridge so I can send data
> >> directly to wired_netA.
>Ricardo Galli wrote:
> > If both, "RealAP" and "HostAP", are bridging you need to do nothing. ARP
> > it.
>But as soon as I switch my HostAP from Managed to Master-mdoe, I cann't
>connect to the "RealAP" anymore.
>I'me testing the connect with tcpdump because there are many broadcasts
>in the netwrok. As soon as I switch to master-mode everything is silent.
>Is there any way to get bridging working in Managed-mode?
>That's exactly what I want

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