Re: AW: AW: AW: HOw to set up bridge

From: Jacques Caron (
Date: 2002-09-18 14:06:32 UTC

At 16:00 18/09/2002, Tilo Lutz wrote:
>Unfortunatly the wds-stuff works only with HostAPs.
>If Bridging works in Master-mode is there any way to get it work in

I guess the problem is that when bridging, the packet is coming from another Ethernet source address than the WLAN interface, which affects the frame format (bits "From DS/to DS", presence of an additional address in the MAC header, etc.), and which is probably not supported in client mode. Actually having both ends of the link act as a bridge mean that you're actually setting up a WDS, since all frames going from one wired LAN to the other will have both From DS and to DS set to one, and 4 MAC addresses in the header. This means the other AP has to support it too (some do, hostap is not the only one, but it's probably more high-end "enterprise-class" APs, like aironets and such).

Other options (which may or may not be applicable, depending on what exactly you're trying to achieve) may include:

- routing rather bridging
- using NAT
- using some kind of tunneling


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