802.11 Management & data frame analysis - User space

From: Bobby Sardana (sardana_at_obsoft.com)
Date: 2002-08-15 07:43:46 UTC


I am wondering if the following is possible using Host AP driver using a Prism2 card:

  1. In the monitor mode, I want to sniff the data and management frames at the same time allow the node to act as an access point. Some of the past posts, in the archives, reveal that this is not possible. If the node is in monitor mode then it is considered passive and can only analyze (sniff) the frames. However, if the driver code can be modified to propagate the data and management frames to a UDP listener, i.e., modify the driver code to propagate all frames via embedding them in a UDP packet,then an external process can capture the UDP packets and dump them into a file. Is this possible? If yes, which driver files do I need to modify?
  2. What other modes, e.g., managed (AP), will allow the inspection of data and management frames? Do they ever hit the driver code? If they do, is there a mechanism that we can modify the driver code to propagate them to user space, e.g., via a UDP packet? The idea is that the node should continue to act as an access point and analyze packets.

I am new to the driver code so am ignorant to obvious pitfalls. But any answers to the above are appreciated.

with regards,

Bobby Sardana.

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