Re: SUCCESS: Linksys WMP11 Firmware Upgrade

From: Aron Silverton (
Date: 2002-08-14 14:25:26 UTC

Search the archives for the link to the firmware. I didn't bookmark it.

If you've seen previous threads, Jouni has pointed out several times that 1.4.2 doesn't work properly in hostap mode. 1.4.9 does. This is also item #3 in the FAQ.


Jason Boxman wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 August 2002 02:24 pm, Aron Silverton wrote:

>>I was just able to upgrade the firmware in my Linksys WMP11 to 1.4.9.  I
>>used the firmware mentioned on the list earlier and the 1.4.2 update
>>utility from the Linksys support site.

> Okay, so you used the LinkSys update utility to flash your card to a firmware
> version LinkSys doesn't offer? From whom did you get the new firmware
> version and what fixes, if any, does it include? I'd be interested in
> upgrading if there's anything landmark.
> Thanks.
>>To make it work, I had to use a hex editor to change all occurences of
>>010402 to 010409 in the executable.  Worked like a charm after that!

> Cool. ;)
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