Re: IAPP on hostAP

From: Jacques Caron (
Date: 2002-08-14 13:30:48 UTC

The 802.11f draft is available in the members-only area of the IEEE 802.11 working group... :-/

Note that if you use layer 2 roaming, Mobile IP should not see/have to do anything. Mobile IP should only need to do anything if you move to a different network. It would be interesting to compare performance of L2 handoffs vs. Mobile IP handoffs (with all the back-end AAA stuff etc.), though.


At 11:41 14/08/2002, Jharana Mehta wrote:
>earlier you had talked about implementing IAPP for the hostAP driver in
>the future.
>We are interested in that area and would definitely like to implement
>IAPP on host AP and study how it helps handoffs in Mobile IP too.
>But how does one get hold of the draft? do you have any clue or can you
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