Re: SUCCESS: Linksys WMP11 Firmware Upgrade

From: Jason Boxman (
Date: 2002-08-14 02:58:09 UTC

On Tuesday 13 August 2002 02:24 pm, Aron Silverton wrote:
> I was just able to upgrade the firmware in my Linksys WMP11 to 1.4.9. I
> used the firmware mentioned on the list earlier and the 1.4.2 update
> utility from the Linksys support site.

Okay, so you used the LinkSys update utility to flash your card to a firmware version LinkSys doesn't offer? From whom did you get the new firmware version and what fixes, if any, does it include? I'd be interested in upgrading if there's anything landmark.


> To make it work, I had to use a hex editor to change all occurences of
> 010402 to 010409 in the executable. Worked like a charm after that!

Cool. ;)

> Regards,
> Aron

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