Re: Does hostap support 802.11a ?

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-07-08 16:18:35 UTC

On Tue, 2 Jul 2002 at 15:53:13 +0900, Kanno Kyosuke wrote:

> Does hostap support IEEE802.11a or IEEE802.11b ?

Host AP driver uses management frames defined in IEEE 802.11. 802.11a and 802.11b do not change the base definition (some new flags are added etc.) since they are mainly about adding new PHY specifications. In other words, AP management functionality should work with cards using both IEEE 802.11a and 802.11b assuming the firmware would be otherwise Prism2 compatible (i.e., including Host AP mode, etc.). However, I do not know of any IEEE 802.11a card (or non-802.11b for that matter) that would have compatible interface to the host driver.

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