monitor mode

From: Jeff Espenscheid (
Date: 2002-07-01 13:26:31 UTC


My setup is as follows:

RedHat 7.3, kernel 2.4.18-3
Intersil reference design card
pserver cvs version of hostAP

Basically, what I want to do, is set up my Linux box, put the card in monitor mode 3, and listen for all packets that I can (using Ethereal, or tcpdump). What I have done is compiled hostap, and inserted the module, but then I have set the card to be in Managed mode, instead of Master. This is because I don't want to only monitor stations that are trying to associate with the card in this box as a base, but I want to monitor all packets that I can see. Why I am using hostap is because I saw that it implemented the monitor modes the Prism cards provide.

What happens when I start capturing using Ethereal, is all I see is Linux Cooked Capture packets (and some unknown ones). This is after I have put the card in monitor mode. All of them have my ssid in them, so I am assuming they are 'announcement' packets. Any ideas why I don't see RTS, CTS and other type messages?



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