Re: Host AP and DWL 900AP

From: Jason Boxman (
Date: 2002-07-01 02:12:08 UTC

On Saturday 29 June 2002 06:42 pm, you wrote:
> Hello all.
> I've been using a LinkSys WMP11 PCI (Prism2.5) without incident with the
> host ap driver. My WPC11v3 happily thinks it's talking to a physical
> access point.
> To extend range, I recently bought a DWL 900AP, which is just a wireless AP
> with a single ethernet jack (and USB).


I ended up doing another CAT5 run and bridging wlan0 and eth2. It works, but having Host AP and DWL900AP play nice together would've been easier, and cooler.

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