Host AP and DWL 900AP

From: Jason Boxman (
Date: 2002-06-29 22:42:46 UTC

Hello all.

I've been using a LinkSys WMP11 PCI (Prism2.5) without incident with the host ap driver. My WPC11v3 happily thinks it's talking to a physical access point.

To extend range, I recently bought a DWL 900AP, which is just a wireless AP with a single ethernet jack (and USB).

Is it possible to get Host AP to 'play nice' with this hardware access point such that I can 'extend coverage' of my wireless lan in some fashion? Or is what I speak of that WDS stuff mentioned in the README.Prism2 file that's broken due to a firmware bug in Prism2/2.5 chipsets as I read?

I tried setting both devices to the same channel and gave each the same ESSID, but I had no joy. To make matters more strange, I configured the DLink AP to "AP client mode" (whatever that is) and gave it the Host AP card's MAC address. At that point, I could ping the IP of this "client AP" via my wireless network (using the host AP card in Master mode). But it still did not "extend" my range and instead I was speaking to the Dlink via the Prism2.5 card. Odd.

So the two can talk to each other, and work independantly of each other, but can I get them to cooperatively work together to extend my range?

Thank you for your time.

And thanks, Jouni, for the AP driver -- it's been a great experience getting it to work and it's been lots of fun to play with.

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