WEP as station in config file?

From: hutch_at_psfc.mit.edu
Date: 2002-06-29 22:05:22 UTC


        I have found that hostap is the best driver for my IBM T20 with D-Link 650, RH 7.2. Even the latest orinoco driver works at a snail's pace (100 sec per megabyte upload, yes 100s!) while hostap runs at a second or two per megabyte, as it should. So congratulations to Jouni,

But if I want to use it on a WEP AP, I can give the key using iwconfig by hand, but if the driver then drops out, even if it restarts itself, it seems not to know the key thereafter till I tell it, by hand, again. Obviously a pain, since the drop-outs tend to happen quite regularly (at least on the older version, I've only just upgraded to 05-19).

Is there a way to put the required key into a configuration file? Or is there a way to get the driver to remember it?

	Ian Hutchinson, Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT. 

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