Link Quality

Date: 2002-06-17 18:38:58 UTC

I has tested P-t-P link (Compaq WL200 cards with outdoor antennas) which uses the IEEE 802.11 compliant IBSS mode and the hostap driver. The distance between stations is ~300 m. Between stations there are trees and couple of buildings. So no visual communication between them.

I am wondering why my link quality is varying so much during the day (see the link-day.png attachment).
Is the reason; sun, humidity or some other reason, other disturbing radio or ..? Any ideas ?  

The link quality may decrease from 36 to zero. When it is zero the data may still going (5.5Mb/s), but the link is breaking and there is a lot of RetryErr errors. Under this condition the diver resets the card. Dmesg shows COR resets.

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