Re: Link Quality

Date: 2002-06-18 18:44:56 UTC

The Link Quality again !

I was thinking that addition to the sun light, one possible reason of my poor link quality can
actually be the microwave oven. I had never think about that before. But I think that all of my neighbors has that thing.

My wlan computer is about 6 meters from my microwave oven and 2 meters above it. My antenna is at 7.5
meters high and above the tin roof. I start my microwave oven and about 10 seconds the link quality
start to decrease from 24 to 12. At the same time the Bit rate drops from 11Mb/s to 1Mb/s. When I
stop the oven, the wlan link remai to the state it was before the test !

My wlan frequncy is 2.457 Ghz and my microwave oven frequency is 2.45 GHz. That is not fun !

There might be two resosons:

  1. The microwave frequency is escaping to the outside if the oven.
  2. The microwave frequency is escaping to the electrical network of my house.

It seems that the wlan signal is quite a sensitive to all kind of disturbance.

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