Re: Link Quality

From: G. Richard Raab (
Date: 2002-06-19 03:46:11 UTC

On Monday 17 June 2002 12:38, wrote:
> I has tested P-t-P link (Compaq WL200 cards with outdoor antennas) which
> uses the IEEE 802.11 compliant IBSS mode and the hostap driver. The
> distance between stations is ~300 m. Between stations there are trees
> and couple of buildings. So no visual communication between them.
> I am wondering why my link quality is varying so much during the day
> (see the link-day.png attachment).
> Is the reason; sun, humidity or some other reason, other disturbing
> radio or ..? Any ideas ?

sent the following directly to jar yesterday by mistake:

>The trees may also be partially responsible. Trees are pretty nasty for
>absorbing Microwaves. By the look of it, there may be a bit of cicadian
>pattern ( as the sun hits the trees, they start back with food production,
>and in the evening, it is shutting down production). But the 18:00 pm drop
>looks like microwaves.

I would also that ppl do not run microwave ovens for several hours. You might try grabing more data during the low time frames and seeing if you are getting spikes. BTW, if there are any biologists/biochemists out there, I would guess that this is an interesting item to look into.

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