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From: Jordi Murgo (
Date: 2002-04-15 15:39:50 UTC

On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 16:44, Dominique Blas wrote:

> > Great, we are working on a simple IAPRP (Inter Access Point
> > Roaming/Routing Protocol). Not a general pourpose routing protocol, only
> > to be used to anounce L3/L2 relations, needed to update L3 (IP) routes
> > in the backbone when you receive a L2 reassociation request.
> Why don't you use WDS to update associations betweens a few APs and use them
> as bridges to reach backbone (3-level architecture) ?
> Is it a matter of limits of WDS concept or anything else ?
> If I understand well you are developing a new L3 protocol. Is it because you
> is not appropriate in your network or because WDS is not applicable at all
> whatever the network is ?

We are deploying a Freenet, our nodes are maintained by individuals, and connected to an "virtual backbone", using tunnels over ADSL/Cable-modems. As you can see, our network is a IP network (L3), not an Ethernet network (L2).

Why not use WDS instad of IP-DS? Some times you have semi-overlapped areas, but APs are not visible ones to others.

> Great but rather complex to maintain (multiple VPN to maintain [what occured
> if a VPN is down ?], so multiple shared-keys or RSA keys, etc. No ?

Our nodes have VPNs to connect to the backend, aditional VPNs to adjacent nodes aren't a real problem. When VPN fails, users from this node can't do transparent roaming to next node. Next node will dend a deauth in response to reassociation request, and client will request DHCP again.

About WEP: We don't use WEP.

> I'm also (of course) interested in mobility and to estimate the limit of
> 802.11 in term of roaming.

We are too :)

> Bu what's about DHCP. DHCP doesn't support authentication. Anyone in adhoc
> mode can therefore be part of your network. Why don't use authentication via
> Radius and ppp or 802.1x ? Too complex or too less mature ?

Our net is open, assigns 10.x.x.x IP to the client. To go outside our "intranet", the client must have an username/password to establish a PPTP connection to their gateway.

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