Re: Announcing release of Airtraf 0.5.0

From: Peter K. Lee (
Date: 2002-04-15 17:38:40 UTC

hey, thanks for the encouragement :P If you thought the last one rocked, I think you're going to enjoy this new one 'very' much!

I was not aware of Cisco Bridged LANs showing up incorrectly... thus it is not fixed in the current release. And yes, I'd like to get it working. :) Send me Ethereal's dumps. Lets see how the best packet capture utility in the world handles this!



On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 08:26, Keith Heinemann wrote:
> "Peter K. Lee" wrote:
> >
> > Just letting folks know on this list about the new release...
> haven't tried 0.5.0 yet, but wanted to say that the last version rocked.
> thankyou for the development :) The only problem I had with the last
> version was that it didn't identify Cisco Bridged LAN's correctly (ie-
> they always showed up as ADHOC with no SSID. If this is something that
> is not fixed in the current release (and you'd like it get it working)
> I'd be happy to send you some Ethereal'd beacon frames (with/without
> the Cisco Broadcast SSID enabled)
> thanks again!
> -keith
> >
> > == announcement ==
> >
> > AirTraf is a 100% passive wireless 802.11b network analyzer. It is
> > capable of performing promiscuous channel scanning to detect access
> > points in the area, as well as pick off 'other' connected wireless
> > nodes, acquiring signal strength information for each node. It performs
> > packet count/byte analysis on different layers (datalink, network,
> > transport), as well as breaking down the 802.11b protocol. It is also
> > capable of parsing higer level protocols such as IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, and
> > get packet statistics as well as bandwidth information. Furthermore, it
> > supports Cisco Aironet cards & PrismII-chipset cards.
> >
> > This release addes full TCP Performance Analysis capabilities to
> > AirTraf, enabling tracking of TCP connections made to/from detected
> > wireless nodes, based on destination IP, service port pairs, able to
> > track connection status, retransmission rates, observed latency, as well
> > as achieved bandwidth for each connection broken down via
> > incoming/outgoing/overall statistics. All you ever need in thoroughly
> > analyzing your local wireless networks.
> >
> > Visit for screenshots

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