Re: Management functions. MobileIP. Radius.

From: Dominique Blas (
Date: 2002-05-06 22:50:22 UTC

Le Lundi 15 Avril 2002 17:39, Jordi Murgo a écrit :

> Our net is open, assigns 10.x.x.x IP to the client. To go outside our
> "intranet", the client must have an username/password to establish a
> PPTP connection to their gateway.

The password required for access is not protected (CHAP is not a protected method).

Moreover if I understand right confidentiality doesn't matter in your network ?
You have a secure VPN between AP and backend but wireless network is not protected from tapping nor from facking (an fake AP that simules a real one).

What is your idea on the point of security ?

Where are you with you IAPP ?

Buenas tardes,


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