Re: PtP dedicated link and new firmware 1.3.5

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-04-07 09:13:29 UTC

On Sun, Apr 07, 2002 at 08:56:51AM +0000, hristo wrote:

> My Question is how to make bridge between to wired networks.
> I want the link to be dedicated one. Following setup:
> LAN<--Ó eth0/wlan0<---Ówlan0/eth0<----ÓLAN1
> I mean that wireless interfaces should talk only to each
> other, no AP functionality. No other wirless clients shod be
> able to talk to wlan interfaces. If I put to wlan cards in
> Add-Hoc will bridge code (STP) take care of the rest? In
> general I want to optimize performance. How to do such
> setup?

There's quite similar example setup described in README.prism2. If you just leave adding wlan0 device to the bridge (i.e., just add wlan0wds0) you won't get any wireless clients into the the bridge setup. Leaving wlan0 down means that the clients will be able to associate to the AP, but no data frames are accepted. You could then increase beacon interval to something like 3000 to limit the number of extra packets. My current work version would also allow one to just not run the user space daemon and the clients would then not even be able to authenticate with the AP.

If you would like to totally get rid of AP functionality and beacons, you would need to set the cards into (pseudo) adhoc mode. I have not tested WDS links in this mode. After a quick look into the code, it looks like WDS links could be set and TX might work (unless firmware decides to filter the frames for some reason). RX does not work outside Master mode in the current version, but it would require only minor changes to make it work. If there would be use for this, I could test it and do the changes (assuming the station f/w accepts these frames also in adhoc mode).

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