PtP dedicated link and new firmware 1.3.5

From: hristo (
Date: 2002-04-07 08:56:51 UTC

Hi list,
My Question is how to make bridge between to wired networks. I want the link to be dedicated one. Following setup: LAN<--Ó eth0/wlan0<---Ówlan0/eth0<----ÓLAN1

 I mean that wireless interfaces should talk only to each other, no AP functionality. No other wirless clients shod be able to talk to wlan interfaces. If I put to wlan cards in Add-Hoc will bridge code (STP) take care of the rest? In general I want to optimize performance. How to do such setup?
Any Ideas are welcome
Hristo Nazarow
PS: By the way there is new firmware 1.3.5: x.html
I think it is suitable foe our cards, but I have not tried to flash my cards yet. You can take a look at it.

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