equiptment donation

From: Adam Megacz (adam_at_megacz.com)
Date: 2002-04-07 04:57:05 UTC

I have an Addtron AWA-100 which does not work as a host in a DWL-650's PCI adapter. I don't want it (the AWA-100) anymore because I found that the DWL-650 card (in its own adapter) works just fine (duh), and I don't have the time to troubleshoot it.

Anyways, I'll donate the AWA-100 to anybody who's actively working on the host ap driver. I'll even pay for shipping ;)

You're under no obligation to figure out why it won't work in a DWL-650 adapter; just figured I'd let you know. The exact problem is that it takes a really long time to associate, sometimes exceeding the client's timeout. It also seems to disassociate/reassociate about every 10 minutes under heavy usage. While properly associated it works fine, though.

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