Problems after bridge up

From: penny (
Date: 2002-04-07 10:12:10 UTC


I'm a beginner with Linux. I try to set up an soft AP in Linux,and thanx god for the Host AP driver showing up that really save my life. The system set up list below:
AP :

    Compaq WL 100 (wlan0)
    D-link DE660 ethernet card (eth0)
    Linux kernel : 2.4.8
    pcmcia : 3.1.29
    HostAP driver : Prism2-2002-02-13
    Bridge utility : 0.9.5
Client :

    Compaq WL 100
    Linux kernel : 2.4.8

    pcmcia : 3.1.29
    driver : wvlan_cs

When I installed the HostAP driver , it worked fine and the client could associate to the AP successfully . Since I want the AP to get bridge ability , I installd the bridge utility and something strange apeared. Situation 1:

    If the client try to connect to the AP before I set the bridge "up" by ifconfig , it can associate to the AP successfully . Finally I set the bridge up and the client can connect to other host in the network by the bridged up AP. Situation 2:

    If I set the bridge up before the client connect , the client can't associate to the AP till I set the bridge down .

Both the two situation , the kernel will log the information below again and again as soon as I set the bridge up:

kernel: wlan0: TXEXC - fid=0x0491 - status=0x0001 ([RetryErr]) tx_control=000e
kernel:    retry_count=0 tx_rate=0 fc=0x0808 (Data::0)
kernel:    addr1=00:80:c8:6d:cf:76 addr2=00:50:8b:d0:7a:8f addr3=00:01:43:e2:14:29
kernel: Could not find STA for this TX error
kernel: AP: packet to non-associated STA 00:80:c8:6d:cf:76

note that : addr2 is the AP's MAC addr , addr3 is the gateway of my subnet , and I really don't know what addr1 is

All I want is the client can associate to AP and connect to the network after I start the bridge utility...

Regards sincerely

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