Re: dropped received packet with no ToDS flag?

From: Adam Megacz (
Date: 2002-04-03 19:33:57 UTC

Jouni Malinen <> writes:
> > Hey, can anybody tell me what this means? I'm using that latest driver
> > from on a Debian (kernel 2.2.18)
> > system with an Addtron card (Prism2 chipset) in a PCI adapter stolen
> > from a D-LINK DWL-650. Yes, I know this is sort of a Frankenstein
> > setup, and I probably shouldn't be doing this. The client is an Apple
> > Powerbook Titanium G4 using the integrated adapter.

> Well, assuming it is working, I se no reason in not using such a setup
> ;-).

Unfortunately it's not :(

It takes a really, really long time for clients to associate to the AP, and sometimes they fail to do so altogether (ie association time exceeds client's timeout value). This happens with Powerbook G4 clients (internal card, I think it's a Lucent) and my Thinkpad (DLINK DWL-500) as well.

Also, about every 10 minutes or so the client will disassociate and reassociate to the AP. Since reassociation is flaky, this means that about every 10 minutes you have a 20% chance of falling off the network. Not good =)

The signal is also weaker than it 'should be' (ie subjectively comparing it to a commercial base station), although I doubt that has anything to do with the software.

> Today I modified the driver to reject these frames since it
> apparently helped speed up re-association of a station using Lucent
> WaveLAN when the AP was restarted (i.e., it lost all information
> about the station).

Hrm, could you make a snapshot available? I'll try it out and see if it solves my problem. I'll also try my DWL-500 in the DWL-650... perhaps it's just my lame Addtron card that's causing problems.

Also, could you tell me what brand PCMCIA card and PCI adapter you're using as the author of this driver? I figure buying the same hardware that you're using will give me the highest probability of success.

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