Re: dropped received packet with no ToDS flag?

From: Magnus Carlsson (
Date: 2002-04-08 06:25:54 UTC

Adam Megacz writes:
> Jouni Malinen <> writes:
> > > Hey, can anybody tell me what this means? I'm using that latest driver
> > > from on a Debian (kernel 2.2.18)
> > > system with an Addtron card (Prism2 chipset) in a PCI adapter stolen
> > > from a D-LINK DWL-650. Yes, I know this is sort of a Frankenstein
> > > setup, and I probably shouldn't be doing this. The client is an Apple
> > > Powerbook Titanium G4 using the integrated adapter.
> > Well, assuming it is working, I se no reason in not using such a setup
> > ;-).
> Unfortunately it's not :(
> It takes a really, really long time for clients to associate to the
> AP, and sometimes they fail to do so altogether (ie association time
> exceeds client's timeout value). This happens with Powerbook G4
> clients (internal card, I think it's a Lucent) and my Thinkpad
> (DLINK DWL-500) as well.

I have similar problems: it can take minutes before my DWL-650 equipped AP (now running prism2 2002-04-05) associates with clients (one DWL-650, one Lucent). A colleague of mine with a DWL-650 has the same problems as well. If anyone has seen these problems and has found a workaround, we would be very interested.

Other than the slow association, things work great though.

> ...

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