Long range test

From: Kristian Hoffmann (khoff_at_pc-intouch.com)
Date: 2002-04-03 22:35:25 UTC

We tried switching to the HostAP driver for one of our APs. Short story is, it went *boom*. We had tested it with 1-3 clients associated at close range and had no problems with that. When we ran the driver at our tower with 4 sectors and amps, there was an excessive amount of duplicate packets. When we would ping someone, you'd get the reply along with about 8 other duplicates. We tried doing a download test and it would start, but die shortly thereafter. The site has about 20-30 stations. Has anyone tried anything similar to this and gotten it working?

Ohh, we tried switching it to the firmware TX rate control and it didn't help.



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