wpa_supplicant / hostapd  2.5
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Public Types | Data Fields
wpa_supplicant Struct Reference

Internal data for wpa_supplicant interface. More...

#include <wpa_supplicant_i.h>

Public Types

 Type of the scan request. More...
enum  local_hw_capab { CAPAB_NO_HT_VHT, CAPAB_HT, CAPAB_HT40, CAPAB_VHT }

Data Fields

struct wpa_globalglobal
struct wpa_radioradio
struct dl_list radio_list
struct wpa_supplicantparent
struct wpa_supplicantnext
struct l2_packet_datal2
struct l2_packet_datal2_br
unsigned char own_addr [ETH_ALEN]
unsigned char perm_addr [ETH_ALEN]
char ifname [100]
char bridge_ifname [16]
char * confname
char * confanother
struct wpa_configconf
int countermeasures
struct os_reltime last_michael_mic_error
u8 bssid [ETH_ALEN]
u8 pending_bssid [ETH_ALEN]
int reassociate
int reassoc_same_bss
int disconnected
struct wpa_ssidcurrent_ssid
struct wpa_ssidlast_ssid
struct wpa_bsscurrent_bss
int ap_ies_from_associnfo
unsigned int assoc_freq
int pairwise_cipher
int group_cipher
int key_mgmt
int wpa_proto
int mgmt_group_cipher
void * drv_priv
void * global_drv_priv
u8 * bssid_filter
size_t bssid_filter_count
u8 * disallow_aps_bssid
size_t disallow_aps_bssid_count
struct wpa_ssid_valuedisallow_aps_ssid
size_t disallow_aps_ssid_count
enum set_band setband
struct wpa_ssidnext_ssid
int prev_scan_wildcard
struct wpa_ssidprev_scan_ssid
struct wpa_ssidprev_sched_ssid
int sched_scan_timeout
int sched_scan_interval
int first_sched_scan
int sched_scan_timed_out
void(* scan_res_handler )(struct wpa_supplicant *wpa_s, struct wpa_scan_results *scan_res)
struct dl_list bss
struct dl_list bss_id
size_t num_bss
unsigned int bss_update_idx
unsigned int bss_next_id
struct wpa_bss ** last_scan_res
unsigned int last_scan_res_used
unsigned int last_scan_res_size
struct os_reltime last_scan
const struct wpa_driver_opsdriver
int interface_removed
struct wpa_smwpa
struct eapol_smeapol
struct ctrl_iface_privctrl_iface
enum wpa_states wpa_state
struct wpa_radio_workscan_work
int scanning
int sched_scanning
int new_connection
int eapol_received
struct scard_datascard
char imsi [20]
int mnc_len
unsigned char last_eapol_src [ETH_ALEN]
unsigned int keys_cleared
struct wpa_blacklistblacklist
int extra_blacklist_count
 Sum of blacklist counts after last connection. More...
enum wpa_supplicant::scan_req_type scan_req
enum wpa_supplicant::scan_req_type last_scan_req
enum wpa_states scan_prev_wpa_state
struct os_reltime scan_trigger_time scan_start_time
struct os_reltime scan_min_time
int scan_runs
int * next_scan_freqs
int * manual_scan_freqs
int * manual_sched_scan_freqs
unsigned int manual_scan_passive:1
unsigned int manual_scan_use_id:1
unsigned int manual_scan_only_new:1
unsigned int own_scan_requested:1
unsigned int own_scan_running:1
unsigned int clear_driver_scan_cache:1
unsigned int manual_scan_id
int scan_interval
int normal_scans
int scan_for_connection
int scan_id [MAX_SCAN_ID]
unsigned int scan_id_count
struct wpa_ssid_valuessids_from_scan_req
unsigned int num_ssids_from_scan_req
u64 drv_flags
unsigned int drv_enc
unsigned int drv_smps_modes
unsigned int drv_rrm_flags
unsigned int probe_resp_offloads
const u8 * extended_capa
const u8 * extended_capa_mask
unsigned int extended_capa_len
int max_scan_ssids
int max_sched_scan_ssids
int sched_scan_supported
unsigned int max_match_sets
unsigned int max_remain_on_chan
unsigned int max_stations
int pending_mic_error_report
int pending_mic_error_pairwise
int mic_errors_seen
struct wps_contextwps
int wps_success
struct wps_erwps_er
unsigned int wps_run
struct os_reltime wps_pin_start_time
int blacklist_cleared
struct wpabufpending_eapol_rx
struct os_reltime pending_eapol_rx_time
u8 pending_eapol_rx_src [ETH_ALEN]
unsigned int last_eapol_matches_bssid:1
unsigned int eap_expected_failure:1
unsigned int reattach:1
unsigned int mac_addr_changed:1
unsigned int added_vif:1
struct os_reltime last_mac_addr_change
int last_mac_addr_style
struct ibss_rsnibss_rsn
int set_sta_uapsd
int sta_uapsd
int set_ap_uapsd
int ap_uapsd
struct hostapd_ifaceifmsh
unsigned int off_channel_freq
struct wpabufpending_action_tx
u8 pending_action_src [ETH_ALEN]
u8 pending_action_dst [ETH_ALEN]
u8 pending_action_bssid [ETH_ALEN]
unsigned int pending_action_freq
int pending_action_no_cck
int pending_action_without_roc
unsigned int pending_action_tx_done:1
void(* pending_action_tx_status_cb )(struct wpa_supplicant *wpa_s, unsigned int freq, const u8 *dst, const u8 *src, const u8 *bssid, const u8 *data, size_t data_len, enum offchannel_send_action_result result)
unsigned int roc_waiting_drv_freq
int action_tx_wait_time
int p2p_mgmt
struct p2p_go_neg_resultsgo_params
int create_p2p_iface
u8 pending_interface_addr [ETH_ALEN]
char pending_interface_name [100]
int pending_interface_type
int p2p_group_idx
unsigned int pending_listen_freq
unsigned int pending_listen_duration
enum wpa_supplicant:: { ... }  p2p_group_interface
struct p2p_groupp2p_group
int p2p_long_listen
char p2p_pin [10]
int p2p_wps_method
u8 p2p_auth_invite [ETH_ALEN]
int p2p_sd_over_ctrl_iface
int p2p_in_provisioning
int p2p_in_invitation
int p2p_invite_go_freq
int pending_invite_ssid_id
int show_group_started
u8 go_dev_addr [ETH_ALEN]
int pending_pd_before_join
u8 pending_join_iface_addr [ETH_ALEN]
u8 pending_join_dev_addr [ETH_ALEN]
int pending_join_wps_method
u8 p2p_join_ssid [SSID_MAX_LEN]
size_t p2p_join_ssid_len
int p2p_join_scan_count
int auto_pd_scan_retry
int force_long_sd
u16 pending_pd_config_methods
enum wpa_supplicant:: { ... }  pending_pd_use
int cross_connect_disallowed
int cross_connect_enabled
int cross_connect_in_use
char cross_connect_uplink [100]
unsigned int p2p_auto_join:1
unsigned int p2p_auto_pd:1
unsigned int p2p_persistent_group:1
unsigned int p2p_fallback_to_go_neg:1
unsigned int p2p_pd_before_go_neg:1
unsigned int p2p_go_ht40:1
unsigned int p2p_go_vht:1
unsigned int user_initiated_pd:1
unsigned int p2p_go_group_formation_completed:1
unsigned int group_formation_reported:1
unsigned int waiting_presence_resp
int p2p_first_connection_timeout
unsigned int p2p_nfc_tag_enabled:1
unsigned int p2p_peer_oob_pk_hash_known:1
unsigned int p2p_disable_ip_addr_req:1
unsigned int p2ps_method_config_any:1
unsigned int p2p_cli_probe:1
int p2p_persistent_go_freq
int p2p_persistent_id
int p2p_go_intent
int p2p_connect_freq
struct os_reltime p2p_auto_started
struct wpa_ssidp2p_last_4way_hs_fail
struct wpa_radio_workp2p_scan_work
struct wpa_radio_workp2p_listen_work
struct wpa_radio_workp2p_send_action_work
u16 p2p_oob_dev_pw_id
struct wpabufp2p_oob_dev_pw
u8 p2p_peer_oob_pubkey_hash [WPS_OOB_PUBKEY_HASH_LEN]
u8 p2p_ip_addr_info [3 *4]
int * p2p_group_common_freqs
unsigned int p2p_group_common_freqs_num
u8 p2ps_join_addr [ETH_ALEN]
struct wpa_ssidbgscan_ssid
const struct bgscan_opsbgscan
void * bgscan_priv
const struct autoscan_opsautoscan
struct wpa_driver_scan_paramsautoscan_params
void * autoscan_priv
struct wpa_ssidconnect_without_scan
struct wps_ap_infowps_ap
size_t num_wps_ap
int wps_ap_iter
int after_wps
int known_wps_freq
unsigned int wps_freq
int wps_fragment_size
int auto_reconnect_disabled
int best_24_freq
int best_5_freq
int best_overall_freq
struct gas_querygas
unsigned int drv_capa_known
struct {
   struct hostapd_hw_modes *   modes
   u16   num_modes
   u16   flags
enum wpa_supplicant::local_hw_capab hw_capab
int pno
int pno_sched_pending
int disconnect_reason
struct ext_password_dataext_pw
struct wpabuflast_gas_resp
struct wpabufprev_gas_resp
u8 last_gas_addr [ETH_ALEN]
u8 prev_gas_addr [ETH_ALEN]
u8 last_gas_dialog_token
u8 prev_gas_dialog_token
unsigned int no_keep_alive:1
unsigned int ext_mgmt_frame_handling:1
unsigned int ext_eapol_frame_io:1
unsigned int wmm_ac_supported:1
unsigned int ext_work_in_progress:1
unsigned int own_disconnect_req:1
unsigned int mac_addr_rand_supported
unsigned int mac_addr_rand_enable
u8 * mac_addr_scan
u8 * mac_addr_sched_scan
u8 * mac_addr_pno
unsigned int num_multichan_concurrent
struct wpa_radio_workconnect_work
unsigned int ext_work_id
struct wpabufvendor_elem [NUM_VENDOR_ELEM_FRAMES]
struct wmm_ac_assoc_datawmm_ac_assoc_info
struct wmm_tspec_elementtspecs [WMM_AC_NUM][TS_DIR_IDX_COUNT]
struct wmm_ac_addts_requestaddts_request
u8 wmm_ac_last_dialog_token
struct wmm_tspec_elementlast_tspecs
u8 last_tspecs_count
struct rrm_data rrm

Detailed Description

Internal data for wpa_supplicant interface.

This structure contains the internal data for core wpa_supplicant code. This should be only used directly from the core code. However, a pointer to this data is used from other files as an arbitrary context pointer in calls to core functions.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Type of the scan request.


Normal scan request.

This is used for scans initiated by wpa_supplicant to find an AP for a connection.


Initial scan request.

This is used for the first scan on an interface to force at least one scan to be run even if the configuration does not include any enabled networks.


Manual scan request.

This is used for scans where the user request a scan or a specific wpa_supplicant operation (e.g., WPS) requires scan to be run.

Field Documentation

int wpa_supplicant::extra_blacklist_count

Sum of blacklist counts after last connection.

This variable is used to maintain a count of temporary blacklisting failures (maximum number for any BSS) over blacklist clear operations. This is needed for figuring out whether there has been failures prior to the last blacklist clear operation which happens whenever no other not-blacklisted BSS candidates are available. This gets cleared whenever a connection has been established successfully.

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