wpa_supplicant / hostapd  2.5
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Data Fields
wpa_scan_res Struct Reference

Scan result for an BSS/IBSS. More...

#include <driver.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int flags
u8 bssid [ETH_ALEN]
int freq
u16 beacon_int
u16 caps
int qual
int noise
int level
u64 tsf
unsigned int age
unsigned int est_throughput
int snr
size_t ie_len
size_t beacon_ie_len

Detailed Description

Scan result for an BSS/IBSS.

flagsinformation flags about the BSS/IBSS (WPA_SCAN_*)
freqfrequency of the channel in MHz (e.g., 2412 = channel 1)
beacon_intbeacon interval in TUs (host byte order)
capscapability information field in host byte order
qualsignal quality
noisenoise level
levelsignal level
ageAge of the information in milliseconds (i.e., how many milliseconds ago the last Beacon or Probe Response frame was received)
est_throughputEstimated throughput in kbps (this is calculated during scan result processing if left zero by the driver wrapper)
snrSignal-to-noise ratio in dB (calculated during scan result processing)
ie_lenlength of the following IE field in octets
beacon_ie_lenlength of the following Beacon IE field in octets

This structure is used as a generic format for scan results from the driver. Each driver interface implementation is responsible for converting the driver or OS specific scan results into this format.

If the driver does not support reporting all IEs, the IE data structure is constructed of the IEs that are available. This field will also need to include SSID in IE format. All drivers are encouraged to be extended to report all IEs to make it easier to support future additions.

This structure data is followed by ie_len octets of IEs from Probe Response frame (or if the driver does not indicate source of IEs, these may also be from Beacon frame). After the first set of IEs, another set of IEs may follow (with beacon_ie_len octets of data) if the driver provides both IE sets.

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