What happens to ongoing data traffic during rekeying/re-authentication !

From: Manjunathan PY (pymanju_at_miel.mot.com)
Date: 2002-10-09 07:42:32 UTC


I know this is not related to topics discussed in this mailing list. Still I feel it is relevant to

ask here as most of us are familiar with IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.1x and EAP security mechanism.

To solve the security issues such as statistical attack and Man in Middle attacks that exists

in IEEE 802.11 WEP security mechanism. Cisco's LEAP,802.1x security mechanism solve these problems.

I want information on how the following actually happens :

  1. What happens to ongoing data traffic between the Client and Access Point during the

re-keying/re-authentication process. (This re-keying/re-authentication is done to dynamically change the

encryption key every few minutes.)

=> Does the Client/Access Point suspend the data traffic and then do


=> Allow data traffic durning the re-authentication process.

Thanks in advance,

Manjunathan PY

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