RE: Demarctech card update.

From: Clint Todish (
Date: 2002-10-09 07:29:46 UTC

I've ordered a card from Netgate to do a side by side comparison of the Demarc w/HostAP, I suspect the performance will be very similar. Since there does seem to be a history of FUD, I'll spend a bit of time to get some good quantitative results (however non-scientific they may be) =^).


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On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 21:33, Clint Todish wrote:
> I did find this while searching the

> net for more info on these cards - appears to be very similar (not
> sure on the RX sens, but 200mw) and is $50+ cheaper.
> -C

This particular conflict has been a huge source of FUD on the PTP lists, with Tony from Demarc claiming that the Senao cards overheat, are generally just bad, etc. and praising his own stuff as the best possible card ever.

The veracity of his statements have yet to be proven, and for most Personaltelco members, price mattered more than vague claims of superiority, so several people went in a group buy directly from Senao.

Netgate will do well by you, though.


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