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Dear Marian Danisek..

Thanks for your reply.. actually I'm a novice of athentification including RADIUS server. but, I install the freeRADIUS into my linux machine.. and I'd like to use EAP-MD5 Actually I'm so confuse how to configure the configuration file of RADIUS server. Could you tell me some guide to configure free RADIUS server for EAP-MD5 include your own EAP-TLS setting ?

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> Dear .
> I alreay post about the 802.1x test bed using hostap driver include hostapd
> Does anybody have success to test 802.1x authentification test through RADIUS server ?
> thanks.

yes. I already use hostap with hostapd daemon to use 802.1x authentication. As clients i use xsupplicant and my radius is Freeradius  server. I'm using EAP_TLS.


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