LW1100P (PRISMII) connection problem

From: Piotrek Kaczmarek (kaczorek_at_msg.beta.pl)
Date: 2002-09-28 20:15:10 UTC

I have two LG LWP1100P wlan cards. Card Manager detects them as ,,Intersil PRISM2 11Mbps Wireless Adapter'' and loads orinoco_cs module.

I set both cards in ad-hoc mode and configured same ESSID on each card. Then i configured IP addresses using ifconfig.

However in ,,Cell MAC address'' field in ifconfig output i see completely unrelated address
(56:C4:77:5E:A9:C8 - it has nothing to do with
cards' addresses), and packets from
one card do not reach the other. The ,,Cell MAC address'' is same independly of used OS
(tried Linux and Windows98 - in this case field
name was ,,BSS ID'').

When I tried to ping Windows 98 machine from Linux machine I got these messages in my syslog: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth2: transmit timed out eth2: Tx timeout! Resetting card. ALLOCFID=0110, TXCOMPLFID=0000, EVSTAT=8080 eth2: Error -110 writing Tx descriptor to BAP

Windows software behaves as if it was receiving data.

Could you provide me any hints, that might help me in making these cards working?


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