Demarc Tech cards.

From: Clint Todish (
Date: 2002-09-30 01:00:02 UTC

Anyone have any success/failure with: 5-pcmcia-card.html ?
(180mw/22.6dbm TX/-96dbm RX) prism2.5

Also, Fry's (no plug intended) is selling the Via 800mhz C-3 all-in-one Mini-ITX mobo for $130 - add a case, some memory and a HD and you can have a very beefy HostAP box for under $300. The interesting thing about this setup is the power supply for the mini-ITX stuff is 12V - the one I have came with a 4.5amp (54 watt) power supply. This means you could run this off solar
(for a remote WDS relay) or in a mobile situation.


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