Re: Linksys WMP-11

From: Dominique Blas (
Date: 2002-09-26 23:08:00 UTC

Le Vendredi 20 Septembre 2002 08:10, Andy a écrit :
> Hello All,
> Just writing to inform about good experience with this card. First
> of all - the latest firmware available from LinkSys is 1.4.2 which
> is known not to work. To get it working I downloaded 1.4.9 firmware
> from netgear, put it in the same folder with 1.4.2 upgrade utility
> and replaced all occurrences of "10402" to "10409" in update.exe .
> After that I was able to upgrade firmware. Also 2002-5-19 gives lots
> of Oops on my system (Pentium-100, PCI 2.1 , 2.4.18 ). The latest
> CVS snapshot, in opposite, works pretty good. Now I have a
> router/firewall/AP - an old box with 3 NICs in it. CPU utilisation
> is around 15%, and I don't use busmaster mode.

Hello Andy,
can you confirm that you are using a WMP11 in AP MODE (not in client mode) with STA=010409 ?

BTW what is your PRI version ?
And what does a lspci say about your WMP11 ?

On my side, I have PRI=1.1.0 and STA version 1.4.9 downloaded in RAM (flash version 1.4.2) with prism2_srec as explained by Jouni

And my WMP does nothing in AP mode.
For information the clients are MA401.
It works fine in client mode against my MA401 but these same MA401 see nothing when WMP11 is in AP mode. Whereas a MA401 can associate with the other in AP mode.

I don't understand !



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