Linksys WMP-11

From: Andy (
Date: 2002-09-20 06:10:19 UTC

Hello All,

  Just writing to inform about good experience with this card. First   of all - the latest firmware available from LinkSys is 1.4.2 which   is known not to work. To get it working I downloaded 1.4.9 firmware   from netgear, put it in the same folder with 1.4.2 upgrade utility   and replaced all occurrences of "10402" to "10409" in update.exe .   After that I was able to upgrade firmware. Also 2002-5-19 gives lots   of Oops on my system (Pentium-100, PCI 2.1 , 2.4.18 ). The latest   CVS snapshot, in opposite, works pretty good. Now I have a   router/firewall/AP - an old box with 3 NICs in it. CPU utilisation   is around 15%, and I don't use busmaster mode.

Best regards,

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