Re: version of firmwares needed for allowing RAM loading of STA f/w

From: Dominique Blas (
Date: 2002-09-26 15:47:23 UTC

Le Mercredi 25 Septembre 2002 17:39, Jouni Malinen a écrit :
> On Wed, Sep 25, 2002 at 05:27:06PM +0200, Dominique Blas wrote:
> > but wich version of primary firmware (or secondary firmware) is needed to
> > allow RAM loading of the secondary firmware ?
> That depends on which version of the secondary firmware you are going to
> download..

Helo Jouni, I can see you can find time to answer to most people, that's great ! Don't forget to sleep however.

> > I tried to test with prism2_srec and a R010409.HEX
> I have successfully downloaded 1.4.9 with primary firmware version 1.0.7
> (1.0.5 is too old; don't know about 1.0.6). This was on a Prism2.5 PCI
Hum, 1.0.5 is too old, that explains that.

> card; YMMV with other cards.. Anyway, this would be easier
> if also the primary firmware could be downloaded into RAM at the same
> time. There is an image that might work in this way, but I haven't so
> far successfully downloaded it with a secondary firmware.

BTW, I have a scoop for you and all the girls and guys here :

        STA 1.3.4 cannot work in AP mode (like 1.4.2 I suppose). Is this version known to be buggy ?

And how can I make it an AP or am I compelled to upgrade the PRI/STA ?


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