Re: AW: AW: HOw to set up bridge

From: Ricardo Galli (
Date: 2002-09-18 13:23:32 UTC

On Wednesday 18 September 2002 15:11, Tilo Lutz wrote:
> Ricardo Galli wrote:
> > If both, "RealAP" and "HostAP", are bridging you need to do nothing. ARP
> does
> > it.
> But as soon as I switch my HostAP from Managed to Master-mdoe, I cann't
> connect to the "RealAP" anymore.
> I'me testing the connect with tcpdump because there are many broadcasts
> in the netwrok. As soon as I switch to master-mode everything is silent.
> Is there any way to get bridging working in Managed-mode?
> That's exactly what I want

I don't understand exactly the question.

But, if you mean "when I shutdown wlan0, then change to managed mode, then I up it again and then there is no bridging", the answer is: when you shutdown an interface, it is removed from the bridge. You have to add it again:

brctl addif brX wlan0

Please send the outputs of brctl, for example:

# brctl show br0

bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
br0             8000.0050c2019614       no              eth0

# brctl  showmacs br0
port no mac addr                is local?       ageing timer
  1     00:04:76:26:96:c7       no                 0.03
  2     00:30:65:1d:e6:3a       no                 2.48
  1     00:40:43:05:66:00       no                 5.16
  2     00:50:c2:01:93:66       no                12.22
  2     00:50:c2:01:96:14       yes                0.00
  1     00:60:08:b3:6c:b7       yes                0.00

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